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Somos F&H HOPE (Firemen & Health Hope) y nuestra misión principal es ayudar a los Bomberos, en adquirir nuevos equipos, vehículos contra incendio, rescate y ambulancias, así como varios otros proyectos mas que podrán observar en nuestra página Web ingresando al link de NUESTROS PROYECTOS.
Mucho agradeceremos nos puedan brindar la información necesaria para solicitarles nos puedan ustedes ayudar y así podamos lograr cumplir nuestros objetivos.
José Antonio Palacios Secretario F&H Hope

Stimati Sig.ri
Siamo F&H HOPE, Firemen & Health Hope, e la nostra missione principale è aiutare i Vigili del Fuoco Peruviani a formare nuove squadre, veicoli contro gli incendi, salvataggi ed ambulanze, ed altri progetti che potranno letti nella nostra pagina Web
( Nostri Progetti ).
Ringraziamo tutti coloro che possano offrirci aiuto e donazioni per il completamento dei nostri obiettivi.
José Antonio Palacios Segretario F&H Hope

Peruvian fire fighters are all volunteers, their life risking work includes not only fighting fires but also search and rescue and pre-hospital medical care. Their fire and rescue trucks are most of them outdated, as well as their protection gear and working equipment. The same happens with their rescue trucks, ambulances and medical equipment and supplies.
The Peruvian National Hospitals, which serve the poorest of our population, suffer from the same problem as the fire fighters. Their hospitals and equipment are mostly outdated or out of service because of the lack of funds to repair them. And most of them don’t have the adequate number of equipment to fulfil the needs of the population they serve.
It is our goal to help these institutions improve the quality of the service they offer. Please let us know if you would like to receive an email with more information on the projects we have and how you can help us accomplish them.

José Antonio Palacios General Secretary
Firemen & Health Hope

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